The Vault: Tools & Resources for Paid Subscribers

So I wanted to make something fun to reward paid subscribers.* This is a work in progress and I may add to it as the year goes along, but here's what I've got so far.

*This means ALL paid subscribers, including those on group subscriptions or scholarships. Need a scholarship? Scroll to the bottom.

What’s In the Vault?

A pile of money and passports from several countries NOT THAT, SORRY. STILL WORKING ON THAT PART.

For now, you’ll get everything listed below, and perhaps a surprise or two:

  • Three 5-9 minute audio reflections. You can download or listen to these in the app, whatever is convenient to you. 🎙️

    • FOCUS: How to Do Only One Thing a Time

    • OVERWHELMED: Why It Happens and How to Feel Better

    • PURPOSE: Discovering What Matters Most

    If a lot of people end up liking this format, I plan to expand upon it to make more detailed versions.

  • Digital copy of The Art of Non-Conformity, my first book. 📕 This is the book that started a lot of things that came later, including The $100 Startup, the World Domination Summit, and more. The book will be available until my publisher tells me to take it down, because I'm probably not supposed to give it away. But for now, I will.

  • The Motivation Cheat Sheet by Jesse J. Anderson. A cool one-pager that gives you 30+ quick tips n’ tricks to get motivated quickly 📝

  • Focus playlist: a curated Spotify playlist of my 40 most-listened-to instrumental focus tracks 🎧

You can access all of these resources immediately with any paid subscription. 🔐

How to Access

Any paid membership gets access to The Vault. This includes monthly or annual, group subscriptions, gift subscriptions, and need-based scholarships.

Upon joining as a paid subscriber (or upgrading from free to paid), you should receive an email with a private link. Can't find it? Just email team @ chrisguillebeau .com and include the word "Vault" in the subject line.

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Need a Scholarship? It's Easy

As promised, I want everything in this community to be as accessible as possible.

If the $6/month regular price doesn't work for you, just email team @ chrisguillebeau .com and include the word "Scholarship" in the subject line.

We'll send you links you can use to sign up at whatever price you can afford.

Naturally, this is on the honor system. Scholarships are funded by other paid subscriptions, especially our Founding Members who pay a higher rate.

I hope you enjoy these resources! We're going to have even more surprises as the year unfolds, so stay tuned. 🔭

Yours in the revolution,